University of Central Florida Undergraduate Research Journal - Multiple Complications from a Finger Fracture in a Basketball Player
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Design Improvements and Construction of an
Electric Fish Finder

By Jeffrey C. Lambert | Mentor: William G. R. Crampton


In regard to the design and construction of the second-generation Electric Fish Finder Mark II (EFF-mkII), it is a self contained bioamplifier and speaker built into a waterproof metal enclosure. From probes on the end of an attached cable, the EFF-mkII amplifies the electric organ discharges produced by electric fish, permitting the localization and subsequent capture of electric fish in their natural habitats in freshwater systems of South and Central America (Crampton & Albert 2006) and Africa. The EFF-mkII is built upon an existing design (Crampton et al. 2007), but provides the following design improvements: (1) use of a printed circuit board instead of a perforated board; (2) several modifications to the circuit plan to allow much greater stability under conditions of high water resistance (low conductivity); (3) power circuits modified to include an active virtual ground; (4) and complete waterproofing.