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Submission Guidelines


Only University of Central Florida undergraduate students are eligible to submit research to The Pegasus Review: UCF Undergraduate Research Journal (URJ) .  Students must have completed the submitted work while enrolled as an undergraduate student, and they may submit their research for publication within six months after graduating.

Original research papers are welcome from all academic departments; however, the journal does not publish fiction, creative non-fiction, or poetry. Submissions must be research-based (e.g. must analyze data to draw new conclusions or interpretations).

Submissions can have multiple student authors. We strongly discourage faculty co-authors, as the URJ focuses on student research. If the student's research was completed under a larger study performed by UCF faculty, please specify this in the contributions section of our Submission Forms.


Please see OUR's policy on faculty mentors of UCF undergraduate research.

Manuscript Guidelines:

Article formats vary by discipline. Most contain sections for Introductions, Methodology, Results/Expected Results, and Discussion/Conclusion, but contact your faculty mentor for guidance. Note: If your manuscript needs approval from the Institutional Review Board, please ask your mentor how to get that approval. For more information, see UCF's guide.

Abstract/ Author Biography:

In addition to the manuscript, please submit an abstract of 250 words (maximum) and an author biography of 75 words (maximum).


The URJ uses a rolling publication system. An author may submit a manuscript at any time. The URJ also uses semesterly deadlines, which can be found on our home page, to help authors receive a publication decision faster.


A student author or faculty mentor may withdraw a submission at any point up to the final double-blind review. The publishers may withdraw a submission at any time before publication.

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